JessBe Beauty is a brand, where our mission is to influence individuals across the world to “JessBe You and Own It."

As a young girl I've always wanted to inspire others, I just didn't know how. At the age of 7, my great-grandmother opened a boutique called "Jessica's Fashion". I would help in the shop after school, on weekends, and during the summer months. I loved the way my grandmother would make her customers feel as if they were Queens of the Universe that could conquer anything. She would always tell me, the will to win is in you, all you have to do is believe in yourself. I quickly realized, that I too wanted to carry on her legacy. I crafted a quote that reads. "JessBe you and Own It.

In 2012, I started brainstorming as to “WHAT MAKES ONE FEEL BEAUTIFUL” and How can one reach their innermost highest self without compromising their health or dignity.

I was determined to not change the way I look to fit into the beauty trend. One day it hit me, MAKEUP and Everything BEAUTY, the perfect shade of lipstick will give you enough confidence to take on the day and bring out your inner being that you sometimes tuck away. Not to mention with the shade of choice, you can be Studious by day and Electrifying by night. Jess Glow!

Makeup is a start. Founded in 2017, through makeup I can create an inclusive narrative by reminding others of what beauty truly is. You don’t have to look like the next “It Person” or transform into someone you’re not to be accepted. You are beautiful just the way you are. So never doubt yourself, always trust your instincts and most importantly be true to yourself. YOU MATTER!

Here at JessBe Beauty Cosmetics, we offer a lineup of cruelty-free makeup that is user-friendly, functional, trendy & requires minimal effort, yet provides maximum results. We embrace individuality & self-expression in all ages, races & genders. Our mission is to encourage others both men and women to feel empowered and beautiful. Beauty is diverse, Beauty is Inclusive, Beauty is Inspiration, Beauty is Love, Beautiful is you!

XOXO Jessica Wallace
Founder of JessBe Beauty Cosmetics
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